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Our Arcana Giveaway ends today, and the winner of the Giveaway is out!

Let’s congratulate the winner:
Juan Miguel Carcellar

Please contact VPEsports on Facebook ASAP, so we can send you the prize!


The winter holidays are near and we would like to start offering the gifts early! In anticipation of a larger giveaway, which we will host to celebrate Christmas, we want you to already start to dress your heroes for festivities.

Take part in our pre-Christmas giveaway and win an ARCANA OF YOUR CHOICE!

Start date: December 13
End date: December 16

What you need to do:

Tell us in the comment section below this article what was your favorite moment across all tournaments you watched this year. It can be anything, a memorable play, a winner’s/loser’s interview, a piece of content, a panel segment, etc. Share with us what’s the best memory you take with you from 2019 until December 16 and share this article on your Facebook wall.

On December 16, we will randomly draw 1 winner from all participants, so please remember to check the page regularly. Also, please keep track of the updates on and our Facebook page, because there will be a Christmas Giveaway very soon!


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