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The second to last day in the OGA Dota PIT Online group stage started with a battle for survival between the bottom two teams of Group A. were coming with a slightly better overall game score, having taken a game from both Alliance and FlyToMoon so far, while HellRaisers were on a 0-4 losing streak.

Both teams desperately needed a clean 2-0 victory to keep their hopes alive for a spot into the playoffs stage, but for the European team the stakes were a bit higher as this was also their last chance to land a series win. With that mind, they drafted a good mix of saves and laning stage aggression, with a late game scenario favoring them. HR telegraphed their game plan with the first pick Lycan, which allowed to develop their draft accordingly, saving Phantom Lancer for the last pick. The laning stage went as expected, disastrous for Viking, who 15 minutes into the game were led 10-2 on the kill board and were already about 6K gold behind HR. The networth gap widened as the Lycan was constantly farming and pushing the towers with his 11 minutes level 3 Necronomicon and 18 minutes Assault Cuirass. His free game allowed HR to fight from early stages and forced to always stay in a defensive stance, hoping that their PL would eventually be able to deal with the whole enemy line-up. The go time came around the 40 minute mark, when he completed Satanic on top of Heart of Tarrasque, Manta and Abyssal Blade. 

A very late 60 minute BkB from the PL was also one of the surprises that led to the dismissal of HR’s game, despite the fact that they got almost the best in slot tier five items for their heroes. The game came to an end after 70 minutes of battle with the kill score being dead even 36-36, but with getting a 35K gold lead by overwhelming their opponents with the PL illusions.

 Lycan, Chen and Beastmaster got banned in the first round of the drafting phase of game two by, who wanted to deny HR the possibility of another death ball pushing strategy. They chose for themselves simple and efficient lane winning combos, with Riki and Grimstroke going safe lane, and aligned a couple of big team fight ultimates to threaten HR at any point in the game.

Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan got to play his signature Queen of Pain and had a blast in the mid lane against HR’s Nature’s Prophet, while Tobias “Tobi” Buchner on Enigma started with by now the standard double Sage’s Mask build for a very early Necronomicon usage. HR were given no time to adapt or to farm and were executed with 33 to 9 by’s strong team fight tools.

The loss puts HellRaisers on a 0-6 losing streak and very likely will bring their elimination from the tournament. However, they still have one more series on the schedule. Tomorrow, May 20 they will play against Alliance, but even a 2-0 victory will still put them behind’s 4-6 overall game score.

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