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The wild card tournament starts tomorrow! We’ve prepared some questions for Vici Gaming players to answer during this special time abroad, let’s see how they respond!

Q: What is the difference between going abroad during the epidemic and before?

HK: Going abroad and returning home are both more troublesome. Now you need to prepare a lot of documents and health certificates to go abroad, and returning home is mainly about quarantine.

Q: Let’s talk about the quarantine requirements of the tournament

HK: The whole tournament was held in the hotel room, and the teams were only allowed to communicate with each other online… So it was okay.

Q: How did you feel when you first went abroad?

poyoyo: I feel quite fresh, but it’s a pity that I can’t go outside.

Q: Have you ever thought about the scene of the wild card match against 23savage?

poyoyo: Didn’t think much about it, just tried to play my stuff well.

Q: Which two teams do you think are the most threatening in this wild card tournament?

Zeng Jiao Yang (Ori): LGD and liquid it, the reason … It just feels like Xiaose (Ame) is invincible.

Q: Is there any progress on the revision of the match ID?

Zeng Jiao Yang (Ori): asked once before, but there seems to be no news after…

Q: What is the deepest impression of the last championship?

Zeng Jiao Yang (Ori): The final lift of the gold belt, it was quite heavy.

Q: What is your opinion on the current version of early tp mid and “bottle filling” style of play?

Dy: It’s just the inevitable style of play when the runes are refreshed from the original two minutes to four minutes.

Q: What do you think about the current DPC league (long season) and the Major tournament system (new wild card tournament and direct winner’s bracket for the top of the division)?

Dy: It feels novel, but the results may not be better than before.

Q: What do you remember most about winning the last championship?

Dy: It’s been too long, I really can’t recall

Q: Have you paid attention to the foreign team’s playing style, and what are the differences with the domestic team?

old eLeVeN: Foreign teams pay more attention to what they play, while Chinese teams pay more attention to the opponent’s style and don’t easily let the opposite team get a good lineup.

Q: What is the goal of this Major?

old eLeVeN: Let’s pass the wild card game first!

Q: What is the deepest impression of the last championship?

pyw: It was very comfortable to win the championship from the loser’s group all the way back.

Q: What are your thoughts on “real name dota” and have you ever considered joining it?

pyw: The real name id (for Ori)… It feels a bit neat, and I don’t want to join in hahaha.

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