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After it was a day of underdog victories on day one at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor, day two was nothing of the sort – with the favourites sweeping through the early series and a massive winner’s match to close out the day.

Vici Gaming and Demolition Boys (ex-Team Odd) were the first two teams to take to the stage in a best-of-three matchup. Dby were definitely the considered the underdogs going into the series but they came out fighting, holding their own and even claiming a lead for a brief period in game one. But the experience of VG’s lineup came out and the Chinese team claimed the first game – and without too much trouble they took the next game too with a fantastic showing from Zhang ‘Paparazi’ Chengjun’s Troll Warlord in both games.

Next up would be one of the tournaments favourites, Gambit Esports, going up against BOOM ID. Once again, the underdogs, BOOM ID, put up an amazing fight in the series but Gambit looked almost unstoppable as they amassed a gigantic 62k net worth lead in the opening game and managed to take the series in the next game in a close back-and-forth battle.

The final series of the day would be between Vici and Gambit – and the Chinese team would definitely feel stronger with the return of their captain, Pan ‘Fade’ Yi. After announcing nearly a month ago that he would no longer play with the team, Fade returned to the team and seemed ready for the Minor challenges.

The entire series was a slew of back-and-forth brawls, Gambit were victorious in the first game but an odd Legion Commander pick from VG was able to help the squad tie things up.

The decisive final game was a much different story – the Chinese squad came in and looked like a brand-new team. They jumped from kill to kill in multiple areas of the map and Gambit had no answer.

Vici Gaming secured a top 4 finish at the Starladder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor, while Gambit will move forward to fight in the decider match tomorrow. Tomorrow we will also witness the elimination of four teams from the Minor while also finding who will join Flying Penguins and Vici Gaming in the semifinals of the event.

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