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Moving away from elimination matchups, the final series of the day would see the Upper Bracket finals between VGJ.Storm and Vici Gaming get under way – the winning team securing a guaranteed top 2 place at the MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major.

After their recent victory at GESC: Thailand, VGJ.Storm seemed to be on a warpath to make their way to the top of the NA Dota 2 scene and while they were unable to qualify for TI8 through DPC points, they were definitely making their presence felt as they left many opponents in their wake. Vici Gaming hadn’t had too many great showings through the DPC season, but their resurgence at this Major could just be enough to secure them an invite to The International 2018, if they could make it all the way to the end.

VGJ.Storm quickly opened the game on the front foot and kept themselves ahead as they showed their lineup was much stronger finding excellent fights utilizing their ulti’s perfectly and allowing Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok Medusa to farm for the late game. VG could not find any space to farm themselves and by little over 20 minutes the North Americans were in complete control of the game.

It wasn’t long before VGJ.Storm had dropped a lane of barracks and forced out multiple buybacks from VG as the game was all but over. The game didn’t end for a while but VG had no way back into it and with Medusa being essentially immortal game one went to VGJ.Storm.

Requiring victory to avoid dropping into a daunting match-up against PSG.LGD, Vici Gaming came into the game having to go up against both a Gyrocopter and a Luna, 2 of the strongest heroes at the moment. But right off the bat things did not look good for VG as they quickly fell behind and needed to find some way to get some farm and pull themselves back into the game. It was not to be though, as things just went from bad to worse for the Chinese squad as their sister-squad absolutely destroyed them at every turn.

Vici Gaming tried their best to stay in the game but it was not to be as they would drop into the Lower Bracket finals where LGD awaited them. VGJ.Storm continued their amazing run as they proved they were the best North American team and secured their place in the Grand Finals of the Major and a top 2 spot as well.

That closes out the penultimate day at MDL Changsha with only the Lower Bracket Finals and the Grand Finals to be played tomorrow. Will PSG.LGD be able to find their spot in the Grand Finals to take on the amazing VGJ.Storm or will Vici Gaming get another crack at the North Americans? We’ll find out tomorrow as the Major reaches its climax.

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