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UPDATE: A few hours after Ninjas in Pyjamas’ former coach Aaron “Clairvoyance” Kim made a lengthy post revealing private discussions and pointing fingers towards NiP’s captain Peter “ppd” Dager and the organization CEO, who allegedly owed him about $16,000, Ninjas in Pyjamas made a public statement on the Dota 2 subreddit.

From NiP’s reply:

“Following our conversations with the team, we have found his letter extremely inaccurate; bending facts to achieve personal gain and airing personal conflict between himself and members of NiP As his letter includes personal attacks on individuals which are inaccurate and not justified, we would like to provide some context to the situation.”

[…] “On April 30th 2019, our team captain Peter “ppd” Dager informed management that they wanted to keep Aaron on board, and the terms of his extension which included a 5% cut of the team prizemoney for a new long-term contract. This was communicated to Aaron, but he came back and asked for a 7.5% prizemoney cut for his permanent contract, which the team could not agree to. During internal discussions in the team, Peter was the player in favor of keeping Aaron, and offered him a deal to stay on against the wishes of his team. Aaron did not believe him and thought he was getting finessed and instead went to the team with his letter which attacked Peter in efforts to dismantle the team’s trust in their captain. The conversations continued, and the team communicated back that they did not want to keep Aaron at any % and wanted to find a better option.”

[…]”Towards the end of last week, Aaron submitted invoices to NiP which included a 7.5% prizemoney cut he wanted from the team on his own initiative. When NiP requested the invoices to be corrected to the actual amounts as there were no prizemoney share agreed, Aaron started threatening team members and NiP with a negative public statement again, unless they agreed to the demands. Aaron Kim later submitted the correct invoice on Sunday the 26th May with the correct amounts to our financial team. The invoice was processed and paid on the morning Monday the 27th May in full according to his contract.

Aaron has through this process breached several confidentiality clauses in his contract by publicly posting misleading and inaccurate information trying to pressure the team in providing him with a higher prizemoney share. In these cases, NiP has contractual rights to claim for damages and imposing penalties. We have decided to not pursue this path at current time, and to settle the fixed remuneration in full as Aaron has spent two months travelling and competing with the team.”

Ninjas in Pyjamas’ full response can be found here.

Aaron “Clairvoyance” Kim has been Ninjas in Pyjamas’ coach for the past four months. He joined NiP at the beginning of February, on a three-month trial period as he explains today in a very long post that makes for heavy reading.

Clairvoyance titles his post “Lies and Deceit – My departure from Ninjas in Pyjamas & Peterpandam.” It reads like a saga, but the main claims of his are that Ninjas in Pyjamas’s CEO Hicham Chahine avoided to meet him the entire time he worked for NiP and that he didn’t even show up at two scheduled meetings due to being somewhere “up in the mountains where they had no internet access.”

Clairvoyance says that NiP owes him somewhere between $16,000 to 17,875, but the only unpaid contractual salary is from March 2019. That’s a $3,500 debt, the rest being verbal agreements, which Aaron Kim claims he had with NiP’s captain, Peter “ppd” Dager, and with the organization’s CEO.

NiP’s former coach paints a villain image of ppd who apparently was down to accept a 7.5% prize money cut from the OGA Dota PIT Minor, but then, he went back on his words and told to his coach that the final offer is 5% and that he should “take it or leave it.” Clairvoyance says that he has chat logs and even recordings of his conversations with ppd and with the NiP CEO, and he threatens to make these public if his debts are not paid.  However, he also admits that he tried to record ppd on the night of March 31st when he had his extensive face to face talk with the captain, but the recording app failed and now he holds only a record of white noise.

From a screenshot he already revealed, Clairvoyance asked for a $5,000 monthly salary from NiP after the trial period, but his new contract was never presented to him. NiP’s CEO, mister Hicham Chahine, also said to him that he was waiting for the team to decide if they want to accept the prize pool cut for the coach or not. As for Clairvoyance’s time with NiP during April, the CEO bluntly replied to him that they never agreed for what he is he trying to invoice.

“My departure from Ninjas in Pyjamas has been one of the most bitter experiences in my life. The absurdity of the situation will forever bewilder me, and it’s taken a severe toll on my life in the last month – I have not been eating much, I went to bed everyday wondering if I should message about the money the next day and what response I would be met with, or in the last few days, if I should go public,” Clairvoyance says in his TwitLonger post, where he also links an eight pages final words about NiP. He goes into details of what made him a good coach for NiP and he gives bits of several private conversations he had with ppd and other team members. However, for now, he didn’t release too much material to back up his stories about those private conversations.

As of yet, neither Ninjas in Pyjamas nor ppd made any official comments or statements regarding the situation.

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