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update: According to Twitter user @Georrr_ge and to a reply of SirBelvedere on Reddit, the TI9 tickets will go on sale on two different websites, one for the Chinese audience and one for the western audience. While the tickets for the Chinese community will be released on, the tickets for the western buyers will be available on the Universe platform.

Valve’s biggest Dota 2 tournament, The International will be hosted this year in Shanghai, China at Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Being held in China for the first time ever, The International will be harder to follow by the western audience due to the inconvenient hours, but the biggest hustle will come for those western Dota 2 fans who plan for a trip in China to watch the show in person.

TI9 ticket sales will go live later this week, but as expected it will be done on a Chinese website only. Valve has chosen Alibaba’s online ticket sale service to handle the operations. It’s worth mentioning that Valve’s publisher in China, Perfect World will not be involved in the TI9 ticket sale. is one of the top online ticket sales in China, but they do have an English URL  for non-Chinese speakers. Head over at and create an account if you plan to buy a ticket for The International 2019. According to sources close to the Chinese teams, this year the organizations that already have a team locked in for TI9 were informed that they will receive 15 tickets from Valve, which according to our source is a rather low amount since those tickets are usually for player’s family members and for the team’s sponsors.

Those who plan to get a ticket this year should better start navigate from now, create an account and get familiar with the website.

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