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After completing their roster in October, including adding a great coach, T1 seemed ready to take on the Dota 2 world, but the team have announced that three players have now departed from the squad.

In October of 2020, T1 confirmed the addition of Karl “Karl” Jayme to their roster, while Park “March” Tae-won became the new head coach, ready to take the team forward. However, since the new additions, there have been no events featuring the team and earlier today, they confirmed via their Twitter that 2 players would be departing, along with their coach.

In the post, T1 confirm that coach Pyo “MP” No-a, Tri “Jhocam” Kuncoro and Muhammad “inYourdreaM” Rizky would all be leaving the squad – while thanking them for their time with the team. While it is unknown if these players and coach will be moving on to create a new squad together or going their separate ways, it is expected after T1 did not really attain the greatest results when faced with top tier Southeast Asian opponents. Along with multiple roster changes throughout the year, the team have never really found their footing and are now down to just three – with no confirmations of new players.

The full T1 roster is currently:

  • Karl “Karl” Jayme
  • Samson Solomon “Sam_H” Enojosa Hidalgo
  • Wilson Koh “Poloson” Chin Wei

While T1 will not need to replace their departing players with stand-ins, as they have no upcoming events, it will be interesting to see if they squad rebuilds with their currently strong backbone or if things will end after a little over a year in the Dota 2 scene for the organisation. We will keep an eye on T1 and the departed players to see which parts of SEA will gain some great talent.

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