No matches

photo by ESL One

ESL One Mumbai reached its penultimate day and the lower bracket today saw two more team exit the event – leaving only three to fight tomorrow in the lower bracket finals and the grand finals.

The day opened with a fantastic series between Keen Gaming and The Pango which saw a full three-games of Dota 2 action. It opened with an utter stomping from the Chinese squad as they found 53 kills in under 30-minutes. It seemed to set the scene for how the series would progress but The Pango were just as prepared to fight, which is what they did in the next game. While not claiming the huge kill-score, Pango just destroyed their opponent’s from start to end, tying the series.

Unfortunately, while it was a closer affair in the deciding game, The Pango were unable to really find a solid grip on things and KG took advantage of this, claiming the series and eliminating the CIS squad from ESL One Mumbai 2019.

The final series of the day was now set with Keen Gaming having to fight against TNC Predator with the losing team exiting the tournament in fourth place. It was a hotly contested opening game with both teams on precipice of victory constantly – but the Chinese squad were the ones who played patiently and came out with the win. Unfortunately for the Southeast Asians, nothing really got better in the next game – even though we saw more amazing plays from Timothy ‘Tims’ Randrup’s Rubick.

But the lead from KG was just too massive and TNC could not keep up which ended in the SEA squad losing the series 2-0 and ending their run at the tournament.

With that, the day ends at ESL One Mumbai, with only tomorrow left to decide who will be the champion. The first series will be between Natus Vincere and Keen Gaming – both fighting for a spot in the grand finals to face the mighty Mineski squad.

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