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Upper bracket semi-finals would close out the last day of non-main event action at the MDL Chengdu Major with TNC Predator taking on J.Storm, with the winner becoming the first team to reach the UB finals.

After Fnatic were eliminated earlier in the day, TNC became the last remaining Southeast Asian hope at the Major but remained as one of the favourite teams to become champions. Having only dropped a single game in the tournament thus far, TNC seemed destined to take down everyone in their path but with J.Storm making a fantastic showing so far, things would not be easy for the SEA squad.

In a rather interesting first game, TNC would utilise an Alchemist to generate a gigantic net worth lead, while also taking control of the early period. While it seemed as though it was going to be a quick and easy victory for the SEA squad, J.Storm had other plans. With a monumental final barracks and high ground defense, the NA team were able to comeback – if only for a brief moment, before TNC shut the door every time J.Storm left the safety of their base.

While game one was not the cleanest from either team, TNC returned to their unstoppable selves in the next. With a Naga Siren and slow, meticulous play, TNC attempted to ensure that they wouldn’t make another error to give their opponents a chance to comeback. While things got a bit shaky again for a short time, TNC would hold on and take the series 2-0.

The victory puts TNC in a guaranteed top 3 spot at the first Major for the Dota 2 Pro Circuit season, while J.Storm would have to fight through the Lower Bracket of the main event. Next up will be another best-of-three series to find who will have to take on the might of TNC – Vici Gaming or Evil Geniuses.

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