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TNC, one of the favorites at claiming the first seed in the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) League, took a swift victory over Vice Esports to recover from their disastrous start in the competition.

After losing the first series in the DPC against Execration, TNC came determined to take a quick victory in the second week with two Lycan drafts. They picked in the first game after Vice revealed what was very likely a core Nature’s Prophet and gave it to Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte in the safe lane. Despite playing against a very good wave clear and mobile line-up drafted by Vice, who besides the NP also had Keeper of the Light to stop the push, Storm Spirit, Clockwerk and Riki for superior initiations, TNC had good tools to control the fights and were able to dodge the early skirmishes in order to roll over their adversaries with a spotless 16-0-14 K/D/A from Gabbi.

Lycan was TNC’s choice for the second game as well, but they revealed it in the first picking phase and gave it to Damien “kpii” Chok to set the tempo from the offlane, while Gabbi carried the match on Ursa. Vice ran a similar, highly mobile line-up with game one, but with slightly different heroes. Nonetheless, TNC had the tools between Disruptor and Nyx Assassin to lock in place the enemy Earth Spirit and Kunkka to secure a clean 2-0 sweep.

After today’s victory, TNC are standing at the middle of the charts with 2-2 overall game score, while Vice Esports are at the bottom of the placement with 0-4 game score. Vice will return to the battlefield only next week, when they will be pitted against Execration. Meanwhile, TNC have another series scheduled for week two. They will be playing versus Neon Esports, the current SEA leaders, on the 30th of January.  

headline picture: MarsMedia


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