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Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 4: Southeast Asia came to an end today with the grand finals between Team Dog and TNC Predator deciding which team would be crowned champions of what seemed like the final event for the region this year.

TNC seemed to be at the top of their game in the lower bracket finals, dominating T1 and eliminating them from the BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA in an admirable third place. For TNC, this set up a rematch of the upper bracket final as they would face off against Team Dog in the grand finals with the victor of the best-of-five being crowned champions of the event.

While Team Dog had won the upper bracket final just yesterday, it seemed as though a completely different TNC came out to battle today as they stomped their opponent in the opening game of the series. Ending in less than half an hour and leaving TD with only eight kills in total, TNC seemed relentless and on a warpath.

But that was nowhere near the end of things as TD seemed to find their footing in game two, even though TNC picked up the Morphling once again. It may have taken 40-minutes, but the series was tied at 1-1 as TD looked to repeat the upper bracket final. Once again, in game three, it was all TD as they pushed TNC to the brink of elimination by taking the series lead and putting themselves on championship point with a decisive win.

With their backs against the wall, TNC needed a victory to take us to a game five and they gave us exactly that with a magnificent game to tie things at 2-2. Although TD mounted a few small comebacks, it was at the cost of multiple buybacks, which TNC punished a few minutes later to force the GG call and the first full five-game series at a BTS Pro Series SEA event as all three previous iterations ended in 3-0 sweeps from the victors.

With these two teams throwing everything at one another, unfortunately one would have to face defeat and it became clear rather early on in the final game that it would be Team Dog who were suffering. TNC marched through every lane and destroyed their opponent’s hopes of a tournament victory, dropping the first lane of barracks in only 23-minutes – with the game ending just a few moments later.

With that, TNC Predator close out 2020 with an amazing 3-2 victory at the BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA, beating out Team Dog in a fantastic grand final. Although just a makeshift roster, much like Among Us previously, Team Dog secure a valiant second place and now we look toward the new year for more SEA Dota 2 action.

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