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A must watch game for Chen’s fans as he was played in the offlane position while massively countering Outworld Devourer’s magic damage. TNC didn’t give up instead of a mighty disadvantage and almost turned things around. Match ID: 5117576581.

Game 1: Picks and Bans

TNC decided to ban all the most picked heroes of Alliance but left Chen out. Chen at position three was the most unpredictable move although it didn’t help Alliance secure the early game lead. Alliance banned the strongest heroes of TNC.

Draft Advantage 54% TNC

Draft Advantage in detail

TNC had a great advantage in right click damage, split pushing, defending and durability whereas Alliance had an advantage in pushing, disabling and initiating. As TNC lacked quick and reliable initiation they couldn’t convert their early game lead into a full pushing strategy. When Alliance started to take team fights, they were able to initiate efficiently and avoid Bristleback in the meantime.

In the Alliance side, Chen had the biggest impact while having a ton of auras such as regen, armour and magic resistance. Outworld Devourer was not able to deal any damage using his ultimate because Chen provided 63% magic resistance. Bristleback played his heart out and with the help of Omniknight, he was unstoppable. Alliance had to focus on other heroes or buildings and tried as much as possible to avoid Bristleback.

TNC didn’t make any big mistakes and it was rather a great game-play by Alliance that made the SEA team lose the mid-game. TNC was not able to win the team fights as they lacked damage. Heroes like Omniknight and KotL don’t have high damage dealing abilities hence it was difficult for TNC to make an impact against all Chen’s healing abilities. Please check the end game statistics at the bottom of this article to see the damage dealt by each hero.

In the end, at 60,000 networth disadvantage, TNC managed to get one great team fight victory. It brought a glimmer of hope and it might have turned into victory if Alliance had lost one more fight after that.

Unexpected team fight victory by TNC:

Live Advantage at 64th minute

This is the advantage detail before the team fight in which TNC gained some gold. It is impossible to see a 60,000 networth advantage team able to lose a team fight when they had every kind of advantage possible. Below is the video of that team fight.

TNC wins a team fight with 60,000 Networth disadvantage

The Chen impact:

Chen’s Aura Bonus

Chen was able to get fast levels and items. The biggest advantage that he provided was the HP regen and magic resistance auras. As displayed in the image above, Chen’s own physical resistance was 68%, magical at 63% and HP regen at 34 HP/second. On top of that, he had Guardian Greeves for quick HP and Vladmir’s offering for Lifesteal. It was a nightmare for TNC to counter this.

Here is the list of bonuses provided by Chen at max level in that image:

  • Hand of God, direct heal: 600 HP
  • Divine Favor: 5 Hp regen/second and 18% heal amplification
  • Penitence: 120 attack speed for all allies on one enemy
  • Helm of Dominator: 8.5 HP regen and 20 attack speed
  • Vladmir’s offering: 15% Lifesteal (melee) 10% (range)
  • Continued: 15% attack damage, 4 armor and 1.5 mana regen
  • Guardian Greeves, direct: 300 HP and 200 Mana
  • Continued: 3.5 HP regen and 2 armor
  • Continued: If ally Hp below 20%, 16 HP regen and 10 armor
  • Creep’s clock aura: 10% magic resistance (multiply 5 times)
  • Creep’s dragonhide aura: 3 armor
  • Creep’s granite aura: 15% extra HP

1200 Range of Creep’s Auras

As displayed in the image above, Chen’s creeps provided the bonus aura to Leshrac who was just within the 1200 radius of the aura. This range allowed Chen to keep his creeps away from enemy attacks and still be close enough to provide the bonus aura to teammates.

End game statistics

There was a huge difference in items because Alliance had killed every Roshan that dropped items such as Aghanim’s blessings, Cheese or Refresher Shard. Kpii as Omniknight had to sell a few items to purchase a Refresher Orb in the end, which was very helpful when Alliance were focusing on the throne. Death Prophet dealt the highest amount of damage in the game whereas Omniknight was the lowest. Chen healed 21,254 HP of his teammates which is remarkable.

A tip for young players:

Let this game be a great morale boost to all the players who feel like quitting the game when the enemy has a very good advantage. If you have teammates that don’t make crazy mistakes then you must keep on fighting. If you see in the video linked above, TNC had a huge networth disadvantage but still, they kept on fighting and won a team fight in the end. Even though TNC didn’t win this match, they caused a lot of frustration among the opponents, banned their strong heroes in the next two games and won the series.

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