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It’s true – when everything is going your way, you can even fight a tornado. TNC had a good early game, great mid game and even though Gambit Esports fought hard in the late game while forcing a few buy-backs, they couldn’t stop TNC. This is the game analysis of a game of patience by TNC against good defending heroes like Gyrocopter and Techies. Match ID: 5086492638.

Draft scene:

The Draft Advantage was almost equal and it was comfortable for both the teams. TNC dominated a lot in the early and mid-game in this tournament hence Gambit Esports decided to counter them by picking Techies – a good mid and late game defending hero. When Gambit’s 4th pick was Sand King at offlane, it was expected to have a strong impact but it had the least.

TNC didn’t have great initiating heroes and their mobility was also controlled with the help of Techies but on the other hand they had good durability and healing. A little more advantage with Right Click Damage or Nuke Damage would have given Gambit a stronger advantage.

Early and mid-game scene:

Gambit Esports and TNC had a good start and both the teams had farm on all of their cores. The gap got widened after Alchemist start farming with Radiance. TNC started pushing together and were able to win team fights and control over the map in the mid-game. Gambit Esports’ had good item choices and because of that they were able to take it to the late game. It was only after the purchase of Divine Rapier that allowed Gambit Esports to go on the offensive and deal some heavy damage in the team-fights.

The Big Bad Divine Rapier:

Gambit Esports were losing every team-fight before they purchased Divine Rapier and the main reason was the durability and healing of TNC. TNC had the following healing abilities or items: Alchemist’s Chemical Rage, Alchemist’s Heart, Leshrac’s Octarine Core, Leshrac’s Heart, Chen’s Guardian Greaves, Chen’s Hand of God, Chen’s Divine Favour and Ogre’s Pipe. After the purchase of Divine Rapier, Gyrocopter was able to deal a tremendous amount of damage and they were also able to kill the hero that they focused. Moreover Gyrocopter is considered as one of the best heroes to equip Divine Rapier because of his ability – Flak Cannon, which can hit any number of heroes within 1250 radius and for 6 attacks.

Gyrocopter’s 20,377 damage in the first fight after Divine Rapier

Fight where TNC fought against 2 Divine Rapiers

The game deciding fight was a spectacle in which TNC didn’t give Gyrocopter any chance to use his BKB and killed him within 3 seconds. TNC activated their BKBs and chain-stunned Gyrocopter, leaving no room for error. The Force-Staffs on supports were also on cooldown hence there was no other way for Gambit to save Gyrocopter. The only important thing to note was that Gyrocopter should have waited for a few seconds until the items were out of cooldown. But Gambit didn’t expect TNC’s determination to save the melee barracks and it cost them their chance to make an epic comeback.

Game ending statistics of each hero

A tip for young players:

Divine Rapiers can change the course of the game but patience, team-work and sharp decisions can help you win even against double Rapiers. TNC made up their mind that they want to defend this barracks and they executed their attack flawlessly.

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