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TNC Predator didn’t secure the top 2 positions in the group to play in the
ESL One Los Angeles Major qualifiers playoffs hence, they are automatically eliminated from this closed qualifiers round. They will now have to go through a longer route to qualify for the Major which is described in the article below.

TNC’s route to qualify for LA Major:

  • defeat Reality Rift in a tie-breaker match. Date: Feb 11
  • win against the 4th placed team from the other group, either Boom or Cignal. Date: Feb 11
  • win the qualifiers for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor. Date: Feb 13-14.

Once they qualify for the SL ImbaTV Minor, they will face other 7 teams from other regions who went through elimination just like them in the Major qualifiers. Date: Mar 5-8.

Winning the Minor will get them to the Los Angels Majors.

3/4 Matches that TNC lost today:

Draft advantage 52-48

The draft advantage was equal. Adroit had a good advantage in healing, nuke damage and durability whereas TNC had advantage in split pushing, initiation, defending and mobility.

Both the teams had a good laning stage. TNC played aggressively in the mid game and tried to control enemy’s jungle. During this process, TNC players got caught in bad positions and caused a few deaths. A steady increase in map control and networth helped Adroit to win the game.

Draft Advantage 40-60

Adroit snowballed out of control right from the laning stage. TNC had advantage in split pushing, healing, mobility, counters and durability whereas Adroit had advantage in initiation, defending, pushing, disables, nuke damage and team fight. Adroit picked strong laning heroes and didn’t allow TNC to profit in any lane. As TNC lacked disables, they couldn’t find enough kills to overcome the pressure.

Draft Advantage 43-57

After losing game 1, Reality Rift drafted lane dominating heroes. The early game went well for Reality Rift as they gained 3,000 networth lead at 13th minute. Reality Rift kept on increasing their lead and map pressure after Roshan at 17th minute. Soon after, bad positioning by TNC resulted in a team wipe but that was neutralised when Reality Rift were team wiped due to bad positioning. After killing another Roshan, Reality Rift took full map control and kept on increasing pressure. Wanting to get some farm, Ember Spirit was farming far in the bottom lane away from his teammates and RR killed him. Soon they started pushing for high ground and dove past the tier 3 tower. At this moment it was a bad judgement call in which Ember didn’t buyback straight away. He waited until his teammates died. Maybe their objective was to delay the push but that objective can’t work if a core is dead for 100+ seconds. If he had bought back a little earlier then they would have team wiped RR. In just a few seconds every TNC player died, bought back and died again. TNC surrendered the game then and there.


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