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Two of the strongest teams in the world are in big trouble after their performance on Day 1 in the closed regional qualifiers for ESL One Los Angles Major. Some weaker teams have took advantage of the new patch and unpredictability to surprise these strong teams.

SEA Group A Standings after Day 1

Team Adroit2-0-04p
IO Dota 21-1-03p
TNC Predator0-2-02p
Neon Esports0-1-11p
Reality Rift0-0-20p

TNC played 2 series don day 1 in which they scored 1-1 against IO Dota 2 and 1-1 against Neon Esports. In the next round TNC will face Team Adroit and Reality Rift. TNC is not in the worst spot but they are still in danger.

TNC, Reason of Defeat

TNC lost 1 match against IO Dota 2, in which they didn’t lose because of draft. They lost the laning stage as IO’s supports made plenty of rotations and were able to get kills on all three lanes.

TNC lost 1 match against Neon Esports, in which their draft didn’t counter Storm Spirit at all. Moreover, they lost the lanes and were not able to split push because of Storm Spirit and Nature’s Prophet’s map control.

Europe Group A Standings after Day 1

Team Secret2-0-04p
Aggressive Mode1-1-03p
OG Seed0-1-11p

Nigma played 2 series in which they scored 1-1 against Vikin.GG and lost the series by 0-2 against Aggressive Mode. They are in extreme danger because they will face Secret and OG.Seed today, both the opponents have the chance to get victories against Nigma and destroying their chance even to tie.

Nigma, Reason of Defeat

Nigma lost series by 0-2 against Aggressive Mode

In the first game, the draft advantage was equal and Nigma had a good early game. Nigma also controlled 60% of the map but Aggressive had good split pushing heroes that were able to get farm around the map. But the game shifted the advantage away from Nigma when they Aggressive took a sneaky Roshan. After having Aegis Aggressive played aggressively and took more team fights. They also used another strategy in which they didn’t focus on Spectre. They just targeted supports first and then other cores. Nigma couldn’t win any team fights in the late game and they lost the game.

In the second game, drafter advantage was again equal and laning stage was also equal. The biggest problem for Nigma was Ursa. They were not able to counter Ursa in any team fight hence they steadily they kept on losing more in every next fight. Eventually, the networth lead grew huge for Aggressive and Nigma lost the game.

Nigma tied the series at 1-1 against Vikin.GG

In the first match, Vikin.GG completely out drafted Nigma by 69-31 so Nigma got destroyed.

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