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While Chaos Esports Club have been in the Dota 2 scene as an organisation for a couple of years now, their current roster formed in full in July of this year – having only competed in the European qualifiers for The International 2019 together. However, the team features some of the strongest and best Dota 2 players from all reaches of the globe, some more well-known than others.

Chaos Esports Club has seen some magnificent stars in the Dota 2 world pass through it and the current roster has just as many within it. Previously players such as Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar, David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan, Kurtis ‘Aui_2000’ Ling, Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho and Roman ‘Resolut1on’ Fominok have all spent time with the squad, to name but a few. The most recent iteration of the Chaos roster prior to the TI9 qualifiers saw a team which participated in competitions from the South American regions with the likes of Otavio ‘tavo’ Gabriel and Danylo ‘Kingrd’ Nascimento on the squad – but following poor results, the roster was let go, which opened the doors for the team to move into the European region and fill up an entirely new roster. The current squad from Chaos features players from all around the world, some that are TI-winners, some that are runners up and some that are attending their first ever TI event.

Chaos Esports Club TI9 roster:

  • Cheng ‘vtFaded’ Jia Hao
  • Lasse ‘MATUMBAMAN’ Urpalainen
  • Maurice ‘KheZu’ Gutman
  • Milan ‘MiLAN’ Kozomara
  • Rasmus ‘MISERY’ Berth Filipsen

In early May of this very year, Chaos both let go of some of their old roster and begun their mission to create a new one. It begun with the addition of Nico ‘Gunnar’ Lopez, KheZu and MiLAN and by July it included vtFaded. MATU was the biggest surprise to find his way into the team – having made almost a direct swap with w33 who moved into Team Liquid’s roster. Having won TI7 alongside Liquid, MATU’s addition to the squad has definitely been one of the reasons they fared so well at qualifiers. Being one of only two teams directly invited into the qualifier, Chaos made a strong lower bracket run and without any loses after being knocked into the lower bracket, they came out on top. While MATU is an amazing carry and mid lane player, having a support player and captain that has been in the Dota 2 scene since its inception is just as important – and MISERY is exactly that. His prowess in the game knows no bounds and after finishing second at TI6 with Digital Chaos at TI6, MISERY is definitely someone that brings the team together.

Having not played any tournaments together, Chaos has no major rivals just yet – however, there will definitely be fireworks should they face up against Liquid after the basic swap of players. The International battlefield will create a lot more rivalries for this squad, especially if they cause some early upsets and we are expecting to see quite a few when Chaos take to the stage. It’s hard to gauge just how this team will fare against the likes of Team Secret, Vici Gaming, or TNC Predator but you can be sure that no series they play will be easy for their opponents.

While this will be the first time vtFaded enters a TI event, the young Malaysian player has already shown his brilliance on heroes such as Phantom Lancer and Weaver. TI9 is set to be a massive proving ground for him and the entire Chaos Esports Club roster but they have quite a clear shot at making it far into the tournament and maybe even causing enough upsets to hoist the Aegis of Champions. With only 6 days left until The International 2019 kicks off, we’ll soon be watching this Chaos roster in action for the first time since their qualifier run and we’re excited to see what they bring to the table in Shanghai, China.

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