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It’s taken a long time to arrive, but the TI9 talent lineup is finally out! The list of hosts, casters and analysts for The International 2019 has been released and it has most of the old faces along with a few new faces.

The most notable name in this years lineup is Rich Campbell, who will be a host alongside veterans Redeye and Sheever. Rich hosted two DPC tournaments this year and a lot of people in the community loved him as a host. His reward is an invite to the biggest esports event to date. Kaci Aitchison, who joins forces with Valve every year for The International championships will be returning for her yearly gig.

In the casters and analysts, the new names include Niko ‘Gunnar’ Lopez, who nearly qualified for TI9 through the SEA qualifiers with Team Jinesbrus, but fell short at the last step, losing to Mineski 3-2 in the grand finals. He will find some solace in the fact that even though not as a player, he will be travelling to Shanghai as an analyst. Kim ‘Febby’ Yong-min, who was his teammate, will be on the couch with him in Shanghai. Neil ‘Tsunami’ Khanderia also makes the cut this year.

DJWheat and Pyrion Flax did an amazing job last year in Vancouver with a show called ‘Late Game’ after each day of Dota 2 was over. It was appreciated by the community and considering the fact that their names are there in the list, we can expect some Late Game this year as well.

A big name that is missing from the TI9 talent list is that of Admiral Bulldog. Considering the fact that he always manages a way of not getting into a country, maybe Valve decided to nip the problem in the bud this year. Gunnar’s teammate, March, who was a part of the TI8 talent was also not invited. And the last notable name in the absentees is that of David ‘Luminous’ Zhang, who has been part of numerous TI championsips, but won’t be this year.

The excitement of TI9 can be felt with just one week to go!

All that’s left to do is make some compendium predictions, pick a fantasy team and get ready to cheer your favorite team at The International 2019!

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