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Heavily criticized for some of the features in The International 2019 Battle Pass, Valve redeems themselves with the release of Collector’s Cache II.

Second volume of the treasure became available for purchase last night and it features 16 item sets that put to shame nearly any immortal item released in this year’s Battle Pass. Collector’s Cache II is available for purchase for only 30 days at the price of $2.49 and unboxing 13 treasures will automatically grant 32 Battle Levels, and of course, will provide escalating odds towards the bonus rare items. Any unwanted sets can be recycled for two Battle Pass levels.

All items in the Collector’s Cache II are exclusive, therefore they are not marketable or tradable, apart from the Ultra Rare Juggernaut set which will be marketable after TI 10, near the end of 2020.

With the release of the new treasure, TI9 prize pool registered a new growing curve and sits now above $27,000,000 with a bit more than a month before The International 2019 will kick off in Shanghai, China.

Valve has already announced the Kid Invoker Hero Persona item to be released next week, on the 19th of July. The item can be claimed by those who reached Battle Pass level 305. One more Immortal treasure is yet to be added to the TI9 Battle Pass, along with the Tiny prestige item which unlocks at level 255.

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