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VPEsports caught up with Virtus Pro’s No[o]ne in Vancouver..he had some interesting things to say about the meta, the mid lane and his old teammate LiL.

Hello No[o]ne! This will be your third TI. The first two were in Seattle. How does Vancouver as a city compare to Seattle?

Personally, I like Seattle a lot more, I can’t exactly put a finger on why. Vancouver is nice as well, though we haven’t explored the city too much. We just cross the street from the hotel, walk around a bit. But I just like Seattle more!


I hear you. For some reason, I feel Seattle is a bit better as well. Last year, Virtus Pro were strong contenders. This year again, you are one of the top contenders for the Aegis. What kind of difference do you feel in the team as compared to last TI? Do you think the team as a whole is better?

Yes, I think so. We are quite confident. The group stage wasn’t the best for us, we made a few mistakes. But at least we got to the upper bracket. But to come back to the question, I think we are definitely stronger this year as compared to last.


What happened in the group stages? VP were the team everyone expected to top the group. But there were some unexpected losses to Team Serenity, Pain Gaming and the 2-0 loss against Vici Gaming..

In some of the games, the draft was the problem. In the others, we just lost ourselves.


It happens to the best of teams. But you came back strong in the end to defeat the group leaders VGJ.Storm 2-0. What do you make of them as a team? Do you think they have the potential to go all the way?

Yes, I think so. To be honest, I think every team here has the potential to go all the way to the final.



Next up for Virtus Pro – PSG.LGD! Probably not the team you wanted to play right at the start of the main event. You’ve played them a few times this season and it has gone both ways. What are your thoughts on that game?

It doesn’t matter who you are playing against if you want to win The International. It can be PSG.LGD or Liquid or anyone else. You just need to play your game.


“It doesn’t matter who you are playing against if you want to win The International”


I can’t argue with that. Coming to the meta, how do you like the meta as a mid laner?

Right now, I hate the mid lane. All the mid players are using the worst and stupidest play style which is using Glyph and pushing the lane. That’s not really skill. Sumail, Miracle and Somnus (Maybe) have been playing really well, but everyone else, not really. Personally, I am just losing the lane to everyone right now. I don’t know why!


“Right now, I hate the mid lane”


Haha! But don’t you like the fact that it’s a 1 v 1 matchup in the midlane now instead of the pesky roaming supports always lurking around?

Yes, it has been like that for half a year now. I like that a lot. But for now, I am just not enjoying the mid lane. It’s not because I am losing, it’s just weird for me at the moment.


I get that. We all have those periods when we don’t like the game a lot. Coming to the season, Virtus Pro did very well. First rank in the DPC system. Was it really hectic travelling to so many tournaments?

It was quite hectic. I feel like in the last year, I was home for a month and on the road for 11 months! But I’m still happy with the season as we did well.


The change in roster this season – RodjeR coming in for LiL. Are you still in touch with LiL? Was the parting amicable?

No, not at all. When he left VP, he started talking shit about us. The player knows our secrets and he can just reveal them on the internet. You can’t be friends with someone like that.


“When LiL left Virtus Pro, he started talking shit about us”


No disagreements there! So when you’re not playing Dota, what do you like to do in your free time, No[o]ne?

There hasn’t been a lot of free time this season. It’s been all Dota! I like to watch movies, relax and chill out with my friends and read books.


You had said before that if you win The International, you will retire on a high. Is that still the plan?

I can’t say. We’ll just see..time will tell.


Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to our fans, our sponsors and our haters as well!


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