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TI10 Battle Pas was released on Monday, May 25 and although The International 2020 dates are still uncertain due to the coronavirus pandemic, the community seems determined to break prize pool records once again.

In the first 12 hours since the TI10 Battle Pass was released, the Dota 2 community has already contributed to the TI10 prize pool with over $5,000,000, raising the overall prize pool to over $6,000,000. Last year, at the same 12 hours mark, the prize pool was exactly one million dollars less, while five years ago the TI5 prize pool was raised to only $2,791,051 in the first 12 hours.

Perhaps, the world wide lockdown has played a role in people’s excitement for the new quests and features introduced in this year’s Battle Pass, but most likely the two hero Personas and three Arcanas available via leveling up the TI10 Battle Pass have a big part in the ascending curve of the prize pool. With the impossibility of earning Battle Pass points via predictions, Valve have implemented this time a Guild system that allows players to earn a bunch of points via daily and weekly challenges. Apart from the guild feature, there are also plenty of other ways to earn points, treasures and items sets.

The T10 Battle Pass is available via purchases in-game and Steam Store in three types of Bundles. The basic level 1 Battle Pass is $9.99, a level 50 Battle Pass costs $29.35 while a level 100 Battle Pass is $44.99.


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