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Three days after the Queen of Pain Arcana, Eminence of Ristul, release, The International 10 prize pool breached the $15,000,000 mark.

Just a few days ago it seemed as though the curve of TI10’s prize pool graph would actually intersect with that of last years, with TI9’s prize pool having a rather strange jump around day 16. That said, we had already seen TI10 reach $10,000,000 in record time and the slow speed of the incline since then has often been seen. However, in a rather short time, we have seen an amazing surge which seems to be thanks to the release of the Queen of Pain Arcana this morning.

With almost $900,000 increase basically since the release of the Eminence of Ristul, the TI10 prize pool has now reached the $15,000,000 milestone in a little over 18 days – which is about four days faster than the time period of last year. Now that we have reached this milestone and have the QoP Arcana, we’re sure to see many more spikes in the prize pool when the likes of Windranger’s Arcana, the next set of Immortals release and much much more all linked to the Battle Pass.

At time of writing the prize pool for TI10 is $15,027,726 and we are excited to see just how far this year go as we await the end of the current global pandemic and hope that our favourite event in Dota 2 of every year comes sooner rather than later.


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