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The United States’ presidential election between incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden was something that was viewed and followed all accross the globe. While it brought out a lot of emotions, it also led to the birth of innumerable memes. Some of the most relatable ones for the Dota 2 community were put forth by Dota 2 analyst Alan ‘Nahaz’ Bester, who was rooting for Joe Biden to win the election. Nahaz was serious on the first day of the election (November 3rd), but as things started to get crazy, it came to a point where he could no longer dawn the mantle of seriousness and would need humour to get through the election. He made it pretty clear after a couple of joking tweets, so that folks would know what to expect. Let’s try to go chronologically, following the sequence of events in the election.

For people who don’t know, the three states of Wisonsin, Michigan and Pennslyvania are key states in deciding the outcome of US general elections. Certain states always vote for certain parties, but these states have been known to go either way. On the night of the 3rd, with the initial votes being counted, the states were seeming to go for Donald Trump late at night. But when the mail-in votes started being counted, the tides turned in favour of Joe Biden by the morning of the 4th. Nahaz had the best analogy for that, talking about teammates with whom you think you can never win, but end up doing so!

The comeback in these states felt just like OG playing with ana on Spectre. It seems like the game is over and there is no way back, but somehow, they find a way to do it.

In the middle of the presidential election, there was news about a local election in North Dakota, where a deceased man won his race. How many times have we all gone in fights thinking the Aegis will play to our benefit, but ended up losing it to time just before the our hero dies?

Back in the main election, Biden wrapped up the states of Wisconsin and Michigan, which was pretty much like getting all three sets of barracks. There was a clear advantage and President Trump would have to stay in his base and defend without a single error.

Once the Trump campaign relaized they didn’t really have a chance with a normal approach, they went for an alternate route of filing for election fraud. Nahaz linked that to losing Tier 4 towers but not having teammates to defend, because they think taking Roshan is a better idea! Don’t you just hate when that happens?

President Trump was not going to accept at any cost that he lost, at least not because of his fault. He started sounding like that typical player who thinks he/she can do no wrong and it’s because of others on the team that they are losing.

Time to report that obnoxious player who expects everyone to follow his/her orders and just keeps blaming others? Maybe…

By the 5th of November, Pennsylvania-where Trump initially had a huge lead-started to close down the difference between the two candidates and it was clear that eventually Biden would take the lead. It was like a huge PA crit, where you may think there’s a chance but one big slash and there isn’t.

Once Pennsylvania finally flipped in Biden’s favour, even though no one could see President Trump’s face, it’s a pretty good assumption it resembled FY’s face from the TI8 grand final when he realized it was not their night.

Finally, when the the Associated Press (and then the other media outlets) called Pennsylvania for Biden and he went above the required 270 electoral votes for victory, it signalled the end of the game with the throne going down.

It was a roller coaster of a ride, but Nahaz made it quite enjoyable. In case he hand’t been an analyst and professor, Nahaz might have found a career in comedy. Hopefully in the elctions to come, we will see more of the same from him.

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