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With ESL One Mumbai 2019 we saw a lot of argument and annoyance at the victor of the ‘Most Valued Player’ (MVP) vote at the end of the tournament. Since then there has been a lot of discussion on this topic but ESL Asia has now given some insight into how it will work moving forward.

The community vote

The way in which ESL One MVPs have always been calculated has been through both community votes via Twitter and Facebook as well as a caster/analyst vote. Beginning at the culmination of the first day of group stages, the community can vote for one player per day until the event ends – while casters, on the other hand, only get one all-encompassing vote.

However, players from teams that are eliminated will no longer be able to receive any new votes after the time at which they drop from the event. The community can also vote all the way up until the end of the final game of the grand final series.

The analyst and caster vote

Much of the above changes for the caster/analyst vote. Panelists at ESL One events are afforded a single MVP vote which they must lock in prior to the start of the final game of the grand final series. Once locked in, this vote cannot be changed.

The new voting platform

The one new addition to the community vote is that the Chinese Dota 2 community will now have a way to secure their MVP votes via Huya. The small Chinese streaming platform functions similarly to Twitch but through this the Chinese community can avoid Facebook and Twitter restrictions in their region to get their votes across.

This means that the community can now lock in their MVP votes via Twitter, Facebook and Huya, which makes everyone happy and hopefully we do not see a repeat of the post-Mumbai debacle.

Selecting the MVP

The calculation for the MVP is done via a 60/40 split between the caster and community vote – meaning the casters get to weigh-in more than the community. The 40% of the community vote will be determined via 50% Huya votes and 50% Twitter/Facebook votes and all of this will be added together with the 60% expert vote to determine the MVP.

With these new rules and guidelines in place, we can only hope that we can avoid any further confusion and issue with the ESL One MVP vote and ESL One Birmingham 2019 in a few days will show whether this helps or not.

source: ESL Asia via Weibo

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