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CIS’s Dota Pro Circuit League has been mainly ruled by both Natus Vincere and, but yesterday we saw one of these teams stumble as Team Spirit came out on top, setting themselves up for a possible shot at the Major Wild Card.

CIS Dota 2 has always seen a prevalence of so called “underdog” teams that rise and fall constantly and through the DPC League, we have unfortunately come to see a bit less of this. With and Natus Vincere dominating the round-robin event – each team being completely unbeaten for quite some time, it left little room for the others to contest the Major spots. Last Friday we saw VP cement their spot at the top of the standings, with Na’Vi looking to do the same just yesterday, as they went up against Team Spirit – a team mostly overlooked due to the likes of AS Monaco Gambit and EXTREMUM. However, this changed yesterday as Spirit gave Na’Vi their first defeat in the DPC League, ensuring that their Major hopes remained alive.

After snatching the first game out the hands of their opponent, Spirit would have to weather an hour-long brawl, which saw the series tied. But, after their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team had already shown early in the day, nothing is impossible. Having taken down one of the best teams in the world, Astralis, in CSGO, Spirit’s lineup roster went ahead and handed Na’Vi a devastating defeat in Dota 2.

Closing out the penultimate week of CIS DPC League action with a victory is huge for Spirit, who now have a massive chance at reaching the Major Wild Card, if they can survive the final week. This depends on one thing, if Spirit are able to take down Team Unique on Thursday, February 25th, their final game of the season. With the final week of DPC League action upon us shortly, things are starting to heat up as teams look to secure a Major spot – or a chance at one through the Wild Card placements.

headline photo courtesy of EPICENTER

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