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While some beer and spirits brands are slowly starting to sponsor esports organizations and events, Team Secret become the world first esports organization to launch a branded alcoholic beverage.

AFK got a new meaning today with Team Secret’s news product. “This is what we reach for (responsibly) when we say #ImAFK,” stated the organization in the press release from October 11, 2019. The beverage was first sampled in August this year at The International 2019 where Team Secret hosted a press party at the Highline in Shanghai, China. AFK was received with a lot of appreciations from those who got to sample it and less than a month later the beverage becomes available in esports venues, lounges, bars, and restaurants worldwide.

skrff and Cybormatt at the AFK party

Extract from Team Secret’s official release:

“Crafted by the master artisans at Levante Brewery, and developed in conjunction with our esports club, AFK is a craft beer label that personifies gaming culture – approachably delightful for the casual fan, but with appropriate depth in its flavor profile for the more serious enthusiast.  This unfiltered IPA expression projects a mesmerizing goldenrod-colored hue with a refreshing, low-bitterness mouthfeel.  With its unique expression of Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, AFK forms a pillowy-soft haze from oats and wheat that will bring your taste buds to life.”

For sales contacts, head over to Team Secret official website here.

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