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The final series of the ESL One Germany 2020 group stage round four would be between 5men and Team Liquid, as both teams fought to secure a spot in the playoff stage of the event.

As ESL One Germany 2020’s group stage reached its final series of its forth round, two teams would be hoping that the day and round would end with themselves moving forward into the playoffs – thus leaving the losing squad to play one final series to determine whether they remain in the event or are eliminated. While 5men took a hard-fought victory over in their previous series, Liquid unfortunately were placed against Team Secret, a task not easily completed by any team in recent times and would be hoping to make up for that loss today.

Going into game one of the series, Liquid were easily the better team as they claimed more than a kill per minute to secure a 1-0 lead. With 41 kills through the 39-minute game and Maximilian “qojqva” Bröcker going 13-1-16 on his famed Lone Druid, Liquid got off to a fantastic start, only giving up a total of 14 kills to 5men.

While 5men seemed to have a better grasp of game two, finding crucial pickoffs and fight victories, once it came down to team fighting, they had little hope – even with a Magnus. It didn’t take much more than half an hour for the GG call to come out from 5men, who would now look to the final day of group stage action. For Team Liquid, the playoff is the next time we will see them in action, which kicks off on October 23rd.

Only six teams remain in the modified Swiss-format round robin group stage for ESL One Germany 2020 and those are:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Nigma
  • 5men
  • Yellow Submarine

These teams will all play their final group stage matchup against one another on October 20th, with the three losing squads unfortunately being eliminated from ESL One Germany 2020.

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