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Week two of the Dota Pro Circuit European League upper division kicked off today with High Coast Esports taking on Team Liquid in the first series of the day.

High Coast Esports were able to show some resilience in their first series of the DPC League when they took on OG last week. Although unable to claim victory, the ex-Chicken Fighters roster did take a game off the seasoned veteran squad, which bodes well for their chances in the League. However, today would be just as difficult as Team Liquid were no easy task – and after winning once and losing once in the opening week, Liquid would be hoping that their only series of week two ends with victory.

Going into the series we would see some interesting picks from the two teams, with an offlane IO from HCE and a mid-lane Vengeful Spirit from Liquid – plus an extremely early full team versus team fight before the horn sounded. Although HCE were able to find some essential kills, Maximillian “qojqva” Bröcker’s Vengeful Spirit with Aghanim’s Scepter proved to be far too much for HCE to deal with. It took only half an hour before HCE tapped out and were hoping for a better game two.

Things only got worse in game two for HCE as they were dominated across the map – claiming only two kills in the 23-minute destruction. Although they had seen a few small glimmers of hope in the first game, Liquid was quick and decisive in shutting any signs of a game three and swiftly took a 2-0 series over HCE.

With that, Liquid moves up to second in the EU DPC League, but are the only team to have played three series so far. For HCE, they head to eighth on the table and will have to look to their next series against Tundra Esports tomorrow if they want to move out from the relegation zone.

headline photo courtesy of Beyond the Summit

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