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Each and every year the Chinese scene never failed to deliver a big drama subject in the post TI shuffle. It seems like this year the weirdness reached a whole new level when a respectable and large Chinese organization engaged on Weibo and started to talk player transfer fees in the open. More than that, they even negotiated in front of the entire world.


Those involved are the Vici Gaming General Manager, the VGJ.Thunder carry player Liu “Sylar” Jiajun and  Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei and his wife. Grab a drink and see how a legendary Chinese player can be transferred for 4,000,000 RMB on a discussion in contradictory on the Chinese social media. The English translation of all the Weibo post showed in this article are done by our editor Yuhui Zhu. 


It was only yesterday when BurNIng announced via Weibo a roster of his own, which was initially believed to be the new Team DK, but proved later on to be in fact a stack made for the WESG Chinese qualifiers.


In the said stack there were the Invictus Gaming players Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao and Lin “Xxs” Jing, hence the common belief that the two left IG to join the project on which BurNIng is working since May this year. However, things took another twist this afternoon when BurNIng’s wife, known on Weibo as Pink, made a salty post where she pointed towards a Chinese organization which keeps on modifying the transfer fees for their players. The comment got immediate and full attention from the people involved in the professional Dota 2 scene and it prompted a long exchange of words which revealed contractual issues between Liu “Sylar” Jiajun and Vici Gaming.


Pink’s initial post translates:


 “A certain organization went back on their words and cannot be trusted. They kept pushing the transfer fee amount higher and higher, and for this to come from an established organization is really something else.”


Later on she made another comment from which one can understand that BurNIng was, in fact, looking to secure players for a personal project. “We have made a deal with the organization and the players, but now the organization just won’t release the players and they are not letting them play in the Major qualifier. We’ve agreed to the highest transition fee and yet they still refuse to release the players. If you don’t want this transaction to happen maybe you shouldn’t set the price and keep us waiting in the first place,” Pink said on Weibo today.



As it wasn’t clear about which players she was talking or what organization, or if she was referring to the two IG players announced a day before by BurNIng, some fans went and asked her if the drama is related to Invictus Gaming. Which she strongly denied. And while no other important aspects were revealed by Pink, VGJ.Thunder’s carry Liu “Sylar” Jiajun helped everyone understand with whom was BurNIng’s wife frustrated.


Sylar made a one sentence post which translates:


“So, basically you just don’t want to let me play at the first Major”


Shortly after Sylar’s post, the Vici Gaming General Manager, Xiumi showed up to accuse his player of not being true to his words.



“When we were in Canada, I told you that we will be building a new team around you next season, and you agreed to look at the roster first before making a decision. I’ve been working on our new roster these days and all of sudden you ask for a 3 million annual salary plus a new team-house.  What is this?? Based on our personal relationship, you should know I’ll never fail you, this drama is so unnecessary… Next TI will be held in China and we all want good results, we still have time.”


Sylar responded promptly denying all accusations:


“I told you I’m 100% leaving but you forced me to make a request, so I came up with an unacceptable request for you to just let me go, do you get it?”


To one of his fans comments, Sylar added that the VG General Manager initially asked for 1,5M then changed his mind and asked 2M to finally raise his transaction fee to 4 million. These replies alone take us back to how all the drama started, with Pink’s tweet about how a certain organization keeps pushing higher and higher some players’ transactions fee.


The VG General Manager didn’t seem to care about talking contractual details over Weibo and continued to reply to Sylar saying that he never agreed to a 1,5 or 2 million fee which was, according to him, what BurNIng’s offered in the first place.


“1.5 million and 2 million are their offers and we never agreed to that. I did agree to the 3 million for 2 players offer, but later I discussed with my boss and both of us felt it’s not a reasonable price so then we asked 4 million for 2 players, we’ve raised the price once and I don’t know why she claimed that we kept increasing the transfer fee amount.”


After seeing all these chats going on Weibo for half a day, would you be surprised to see Chinese legends being transferred just like that on a deal done over social media? You shouldn’t because Pink and Burning were vigilant and instantly replied to mister Xiumi’s post with:

Pink: I can transfer 4 million to your account right now, can we sign the contract?
BurNIng: Dear, you know the password of my bank card.





It is currently in the air if the transaction really took place, and as it’s also extremely unclear if all the millions talked were Chinese RMB or USD, a fair assumption is that they were talking in the Chinese currency.

With nobody revealing the outcome of the chats, a few players stepped in and made a few comments on the new drama coming from far China. Sylar’s coach Bai “rOtK” Fan put the conversation under the “drama season” title and said the followings:


“When is this scene going to operate normally and why can’t everyone just sign a 2-year contract, at least this way players will be able to pick their teammates every 2 years and the interest of organizations can also be protected. If every player ends up with someone he doesn’t want to play with, how are these guys supposed to compete with other all-star foreign teams?”

Some players went with a more casual approach, Du “Monet” Peng, Zhou “Yang” Haiyang (Sylar’s teammate) and Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng exchanging short lines between each other.

LaNm:  – No one wins!
Monet:  – Oh
Yang:  – So many DRAMAS! Let’s just die together…
LaNm: -You go first, I’ll follow you shortly.


Stay tuned for more exciting post-TI8 shuffle news!


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