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Day two at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 minor came with the first elimination series.

Unfortunately for the home town fans present in the Cybersport Arena from Kiev, Ukraine, the first to bow out of the contention were Winstrike, the only CIS team at the Minor. The day featured games from both groups, and while in Group A the underdogs got a series away from the playoffs, group B just began.

Our special reporter at the event, Taras Bortnik talked to Troels “syndereN” Nielsen at the end of the day to get his thoughts on how the games went and who would be the MVP of the day.


What are your overall thoughts about Day 2 at the Minor?

If I can be a 100% honest, and I said it already on the broadcast as well, I think so far in the tournament, on both days, the plays have been very chaotic. I don’t think that teams are playing up to their potential.

It looks messy. The games get really entertaining and exciting, but maybe not in pure Dota sense, not for the right reasons. It’s great entertainment for sure and I just think as the tournament progresses, the teams will stabilize their performance and will play more solidly. For now, it’s a bit crazy.

We had the first elimination series today. Winstirke versus Anvorgesa ended unexpectedly for the community. Did the result there catch you by surprise?

A bit. I thought Winstrike were going to win at least 2:1. The biggest downfall of Winstrike was the draft in the second game. It was a bit weird the way they put heroes together. They set themselves for a very hard game and lost that one pretty convincingly. And then, in game 3 it got closer, but ultimately Anvorgasa won by their Warlock strategy.

It feels like this is the second day in a row when people underestimate the Peruvian team, don’t you think?

I don’t know how the teams approach them, because when you look at the bans, it looks like Winstrike knew what to expect from Anvorgasa. Maybe it’s a mental thing, like ‘ok, we are still better than them, everything is going to be fine’. But, at this point, I will say the same thing I said for the past couple of years: the difference between teams on LAN events is not as big as everyone thinks. I didn’t come to this tournament thinking that Anvorgansa will lose every game, I am not that surprised by their results, really.

NiP vs Sirius: NiP won the first game, but the victory didn’t look super convincing. What can you say?

It was the first game for both teams. I think that NiP needed to warm-up a little bit, but I am not familiar with them to know a lot about how they play and their strategies. I can say with a high accuracy that it was expected from them to play the way they did, the amount of mistakes made. I’d definitely say that is not their strongest form, but they still managed to take the series. It seems that ppd’s teams in general, are getting better during the tournament, they learn a lot from wins and losses, so I think they will be in a better form tomorrow.

Everyone expected coL versus Mineski to be an interesting battle. NA team have been bootcamping in Europe a few days before the tournament and Mineski were doing visas in that time. Did you expect such a result?

I don’t really think about whom I expected to win. More than anything I expected teams to play at a higher level, but as you’ve just said, they arrived recently and maybe jetlag stroke Mineski. The games were so crazy, CoL had a chance to win over 90%, but they managed to throw it away like in an instant. Seems like both of the teams were playing under the pressure. And those two teams have a lot to play for because if they get top-2 here, they will get a chance to earn enough points for a spot at TI9. So, maybe they feel the pressure and that is perhaps what makes them be hesitant in the way they play. Those three games looked a bit more like a pub game. Teams didn’t look coordinated.

Prediction for NiP versus Mineski, who is going to the payoffs from that series?

I think NiP. Maybe they even take that one 2:0.

Who is the MVP of the day?

Oh… That’s a tough one. I think the MVP of the day has to show the biggest individual performance. In that case 33’s Bristleback played really, really great. But FATA’s Batrider was also super good, so I think it’s a tie between 33 and FATA.


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