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In an announcement made on their official Weibo page, Team Aster confirmed that Song “Sccc” Chun will become a free agent on the 1st of September 2020.

The first day of September 2020 will mark Sccc’s one-year stint with Aster and judging on the post made by the organization today, his contract was signed for exactly one year. “The contract of Song “Sccc” Chun, former player of the Team Aster DOTA 2 branch, will end on September 1st. Respecting the player’s will, we will not renew the contract before it ends and Song Chun will become a free agent upon the contract expiration,” Aster stated.


Sccc joined Team Aster in the shuffle window post TI9 when he made a role swap from mid lane to carry position. With him displaying a rather unique aggressive carry style, Aster managed to qualify for the first two Majors of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit Season and went on a hell of an adventure for a spot at ESL One Los Angeles Major. They took the Minor road and after claiming the trophy on the ImbaTV – SrarLadder stage in Kyiv, Ukraine in March 2019, the team had to deal with numerous challenges to get their US visas, only to find out that the Major got canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Team Aster

credits: StarLadder

Aster had to go through a lot to get back home as well, having to stay quarantined in a special centre in China after four of their players were confirmed as a close contact of a COVID -19 person, who was with them on the same plane to China.

After the quarantine ended, Aster returned to the online competitions but struggled to find the same success as they had in the LAN format.

“Thank you Sccc for the outstanding contributions you brought to the club. By being rigorous and professional, you kept pushing us forward with your remarkable talent. We cherish the moments we had together, and no matter where we are in the future, we will always be close friends that fought together. We sincerely wish Sccc every success in his career, “ Team Aster added. The new roster is expected to be revealed sometime later today, so stay tuned!  

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