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Gustav “s4” Magnusson is going to celebrate his birthday where it all began for him, in the Alliance family. Although it’s 1st of April, the news is real, “the son of Magnus”, as he was once dubbed by the Dota 2 community, is returning to Alliance after four years of playing for OG and Evil Geniuses.

Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg – Alliance co-founder and streamer:

“I want to welcome S4 back to the team, I can safely say that I’m not the only one who has missed him in Dota these past couple months. We in Alliance have a long history with S4 and many unforgettable moments. I have no doubts that he can bring Alliance to greatness, I am really happy to announce that S4 is back!”

The one who lifted the Aegis of Champion in what is regarded one of the best TI grand finals of all times back in 2013, has last time worn the Alliance jersey in 2016. In the TI6 aftermath, he left the organization and began a new journey that will bring him new highs in his career alongside OG. Ahead of TI8 he moved to Evil Geniuses in what was, and for some perhaps still is, one of the biggest roster shuffle stories, as he alongside Tal “Fly” Aizik left Johan “N0tail” Sundstein behind with about two months before the qualifiers for the biggest event of the year. s4 placed third at TI8 with EG after being eliminated in lower bracket finals by PSG.LGD.

TI9 concluded for him with a top six finish, and in the post event official shuffle he moved to an inactive status inside the EG roster. It’s been six months since s4 announced his hiatus. Earlier this month he came back for a remote, brief duo casting session with Owen “ODPixel” Davies at the non-profit tournament WeSave! Charity Play.

“Hey guys! Excited to play some Dota again since it’s been a while for me. Looking forward to make some new friends in the team and show everyone great games.

Thank you to Alliance for giving me a shot at this. Sorry to everyone that has been waiting for so long, but also thank you to all that have been patiently waiting for my return,” commented s4 in the Alliance official announcement.

Most likely he will continue to play in the offlane, replacing Neta “33” Shapira. On March 31 the organization announced the departure of both 33 and the team captain Adrian “Fata” Trinks. While Fata- announced a short break from competitive play, 33 is set to stand in for OG at the upcoming Europe and CIS division of ESL One Los Angeles Online. The two teams are seeded in separate groups, which means that the fans will have to wait for the playoffs if they want to see a possible OG – Alliance match up. The group stage matches are set to kick off this coming Saturday, on the 4th of April, 2020.

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