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Royal Never Give Up may have been eliminated from The International 2019, but the Chinese squad definitely exceeded what was expected of them at the event before they met their downfall at the hands of Team Liquid. However, before they exited the event they were able to eliminate CIS-kings as well as the recently-in-form Alliance. Thanks to Yuhui Zhu we are able to share an English translation of a brief interview the players did with VPGame.


Your performance during the group stage was rather inconsistent but you managed to make it through. So, who is the cool-headed player in your team that stabilizes your mindset when you are under that much pressure?

LaNm and our coach Super, they are experienced veterans with a cool head. They are always here to calm us down. We’ve been working on adjusting our shape these days but we are still not at our best but hopefully we can regain our form in the playoffs.

You went through Chinese qualifiers and back then you guys looked really good, but TI is a tournament of a whole new level. Has your performance in the group stage put any negative impact on you?

Setsu: We all are a bit disappointed, of course, yet we still have a rather positive mindset. It’s not over yet and we should focus on improving.

Flyby: The result was below our expectations because before the tournament we thought we would have a good chance to make it into the upper bracket. But now we are in the lower bracket to face the BO1 elimination match. We need to try our hardest in the next few games.

What was your expectation for TI9?

Flyby: Before we played, we were expecting top 6 or top 8.

Ahfu, both you and LaNm are support players so, how do the two of you communicate in game?

Ahfu: Usually, we just stay in mid together and take Setsu’s farm.

We are seeing more and more position 5 Shadow Demons and Elder Titans being picked at this TI, is this because those 2 heroes are in the meta?

Ahfu: For Shadow Demon, maybe. But Elder Titan gets popular at every TI. There’s a pattern that team-fight heroes like Tide and Enigma will get more and more popular as this tournament reaches its peak. Everyone plays really carefully and you need team-fight heroes to seal the deal.

How do you feel about the current state of Techies?

Ahfu: Only players with a really deep understanding of this hero could play him. It’s common that when you play this hero, you just walk around the map and do nothing and you them become irrelevant when the game goes late. This is why only a few teams utilise this hero in their drafts.

More content from TI9:

9pasha: “I think we should have approached this tournament like it’s another Major, not TI”
Kaka: “Infamous is a team with huge potential”
Armel: “We only hope that the incident is in the past already for everyone”
CCnC: “OG are a super fun team to play with”
: “We are hungry for success […] after all, we have 0% playoffs win rate”
rOtk:“Playing at TI is a mind opening experience”
Mag: “We are no strangers to the lower bracket”
Maybe: “Playing against is fun”
w33: “Positions don’t exist anymore, they’re just heroes now”
TI9 Media Day Vlog

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