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CDA-FDC Professional Championship continued today as we saw both the upper bracket final between Royal Never Give Up and PSG.LGD, after Team Aster were eliminated from the event by Elephant.4AM.

While Elephant.4AM kicked things off today at the CDA-FDC Pro Championship with another strong 2-0 series as they took down Team Aster, the upper bracket finals were set to be an epic matchup between PSG.LGD and RNG. Having seemed extremely strong since their return with a new roster, RNG were the only team able to take down 4AM on two separate occasions at the event and would prove a strong opponent for LGD.

It was an extremely one-sided series, albeit with a low number of kills but with Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s Morphling in game one and Terrorblade in game two absolutely dominating RNG’s lineup. Dying only once in the first game, Ame pulled LGD to a 37-minute victory which was followed by a 20-minute Manta Style and Eye of Skadi from his Terrorblade, leaving the RNG lineup with only the ability to stand and watch as their base was torn apart. It would only be four minutes later when RNG realized that they had no way to fight LGD’s extremely powerful lineup and the GG calls came out.

With that, PSG.LGD become the first grand finalist at the CDA-FDC Professional Championships and are currently completely unbeaten at the event – not having dropped even a single game on their path. For RNG, they will drop into the lower bracket final where they will face 4AM for a third time, and possibly set themselves up for a rematch against LGD if they find victory once again.

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