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The last day of ESL One Los Angeles Online in the North America division group stage matches pitted Business Associates against Evil Geniuses for a best-of-three affair with survival on the line. Given the stakes, EG stopped fooling around and opened with a well-rounded draft that would allow them to feel safe in both early and late stages of the game.

A last pick Invoker for EG’s stand-in player Eric “Ryoya” Dong put BA in disadvantage right from the get-go as they lost all three lanes and got ran over courtesy of also perfect plays from Sam “BuLba” Sosale on Centaur Warrunner. The game was over in just 18 minutes with BA landing just three kills through the entire battle. Game two brought plenty of clutch plays from David “Moo” Hull on Weaver who was able to overpower Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s Terrorblade who went for an unusual Ethereal Blade – Dagon item build. With BA able to punish RTZ for his item choices, the series was pushed to a decisive game and EG summoned the Terrorblade once again. This time, RTZ went for a more traditional build, Manta Style, Pike Butterfly and as the game was heading into a late stage, he kept the farm rolling to get six slotted and eventually able to outmanoeuvre BA to take their throne in a risky split push manoeuvre.

For Business Associates, the loss came with elimination, but for EG, the ESL One Los Angeles Online adventure will resume today, April 2nd in the playoffs semifinals against CR4Zy 

In a rather unexpected fashion, Quincy Crew, formerly known as Chaos Esports took the first seed of the group with spotless performances over EG, BA and CR4ZY and are now in the playoffs grand finals where thy going to play against the winner of EG vs CR4Zy. The NA division will crown its champions today, April 2nd

ESL One Los Angeles Online NA playoffs schedule:

April 2nd:

09:00 PDT/18:00 CEST/00:00 SGT – Evil Geniuses vs CR4ZY (semifinals, bo3)
11:00 PDT/20:00 CEST/02:00 SGT – Quincy Crew vs TBD (grand finals, bo5)

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