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Soon after they announced their new roster with Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi moving to position one and Ren “old eLeVeN” Yangwei joining in in the offlane role, PSG.LGD sat down with the Chinese news outlet eSportsFocus to discuss the start of the season struggles, what changed in the team morale and chemistry after the roster change and how they plan to move forward.

When talking about the DreamLeague Leipzig and the ESL One Los Angeles Majors open qualifiers losses, PSG.LGD pointed out two main reasons.  On one hand they say that they “didn’t adapt and master the change of meta after several patch updates,” while they also lacked synergy and chemistry with Li “ASD” Zhiwen who joined them two days before the LA Major open qualifiers.

Asked about what changed after Chalice switched to the carry role, the team says they refreshed their play style and strategies a lot and that the new atmosphere “feels good.”

The new line-up made its debut at WeSave! Charity Play with great success, however, taking the championship title there wasn’t exactly an indicator for PSG.LGD, as they feel like the two series that they played were more like “show matches for charity.”  What’s more important for the team is that they feel “positive about their more recent games and about the scrimmage sessions.” 

Towards the end of the interview, the players also talked about the 7.25 patch and the next season’s regional leagues.  “We are still figuring it all out, but the change of the cost of TP scroll has made quite an impact on the pace of the game, plus the bounty of ending a killing streak is really high,” PSG.LGD mentioned in regards to the patch.

About the next season’s system, they think that the “league format brings a more consistent schedule for the audience, teams will not be flying from country to country like before. Also, it will bring more chances of participation at a higher level for the lower tiers, more exposure too. We think this will probably be better for the pro scene. But the prize pool is shrinking, the League format is stimulating the lower tiers by restricting the development of the top tier teams.”

 The full interview can be found in Chinese here while has the full English translation here.


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