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PSG.LGD just announced on Weibo that they decided to stop using their Nike uniform regardless it’s PSG’s sponser.

[Translated Weibo]

National interests are above all else. Our club firmly opposes all bad practices that discredit and spread rumors about China.

Regarding the Nike Group’s untruthful remarks against Xinjiang Cotton, our club decided that the members of the DOTA2 Division will no longer wear the original uniforms to attend the Singapore Major.

(PSG.LGD’s previous uniform for sale)

Due to strict local and competition control of the epidemic, the newly produced uniforms could not be delivered in time. During the Singapore Major, the PSG.LGD team will wear their own casual clothes for the competition.

Thanks to the media and fans from all walks of life for their continued attention and support, let us look forward to the future performance of LGD Dota2!

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