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PSG.LGD became the first Chinese team to win a Dota Pro Circuit Major. They took down 3:1 Team Liquid in the grand finals of EPICENTER XL. We were able to talk to  Lu “Maybe” Yao moments after he lifted the trophy.

Big congrats on the victory, how do you feel going back home with this beautiful trophy, by the way, it looks heavy, is it heavy?

Yeah, it is a bit heavy. To be honest this event was super intense for us. We wanted so much to win a Major this season and after we lost the grand finals at DAC, this event became so much more important.I feel drained out right now, but extremely happy.

We go home with two trophies and the victory is extremely important for us, first because it was against a team for which we have a lot of respect. Team Liquid beat us at TI7, here we started on the wrong foot with them in the group stage, then we won the upper bracket finals and I know they were looking to take revenge and to defend their EPICENTER title. We knew they adapt very fast so the games were pretty intense which makes this victory much more sweet.


It’s the first Major title for a Chinese team as well. China had a lot of second places this season, so, is this that time of the year when we should expect the Chinese teams to take full control over Championship titles. There are not many events left before TI and one major and one super major will be in Chin. Do you feel confident PSG.LGD can land the big win in Shanghai at the last event of Dota Pro Circuit?

Yes, I feel very confident. And in fact, this is the first Dota 2 Major victory for France as well.
But from here on our goal is TI8. TI was always the main goal, now that we are fourth in the DPC ranking all our focus is for The International 2018.


You mentioned the two trophies in at the beginning of our interview so, of course congrats to Fy as well for the MVP title. And talking about tournament MVP, I’d say Ame really showed up at this event. He played a lot of Terrorblade here in Moscow, a lot of Gyrocopter, Morph, heroes we know him for but also a few Slark games. You’re drafts were pretty different in the main event from what you played in the group stage. Did you come prepared with those Leshrak – Chen, Slark strategies here or did you learn from what happened in the group stage?


We had a pretty strong idea of what we have to play in this event. Most of the strategies were practiced and tested before coming to EPICENTER. But yes, with the patch coming while we were on our way here we had to adjust and discover what’s best now as we played in the group stage. After the group stage we discussed a lot and we implement a couple of things we felt would improve our game.

I feel like the way Dota is developing right now the team who adapts the fastest will also be the one winning events.

LGD took some time to fully practice for the few Majors left. When you withdrew from StarLadder last month you also had a couple of qualifiers to play, are you satisfied with the result of that intense training?

Definitely. All we did this season was for TI. I think we are pretty safe now and we are happy we took our time to sort everything out.

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