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From 12 teams and after countless Dota 2 matches, we’re left with just 2 teams – PSG.LGD and Team Liquid both about to battle it out in an epic series for the EPICENTER XL title and the first Major victory for one of the teams. The stage was set and the teams were prepared to throw everything they could at each other one last time in Moscow, Russia.



The opening game of the series begun with both teams finding kills constantly and LGD took a rather small lead by picking on Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi’s Gyrocopter. But it was Liquid who found control of the game first, killing off the cores of their opponents and taking down the mid lane barracks. But on that push, they over-extended a bit and Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu took full advantage while 4 from his team were on the side-line. Taking on 4 from the Liquid lineup as they battered down his team’s structures, Ame’s fantastic mechanical skill with Morphling turned the game around completely and that was the turning point.

It didn’t take long for LGD to go for the GG-push and they had no problem ending it after an extremely entertaining game one.

A very odd draft came out from Liquid in the next game with a Bane and Drow Ranger as well as an Invoker for Miracle. Things started going south for Liquid early on, but as they team found more space and farm, Miracle’s Invoker found his footing and destroyed the LGD lineup. With an early Rampage for Invoker even after LGD had the door wide open to take a win, there was no way for the Chinese team to fight back as the series was tied up at 1-1.


This series was producing some of the best and craziest Dota 2 from both teams – with kills and openings coming from huge mistakes from both sides. Liquid looked assured victory and a 2-1 series lead as they expended buybacks to secure a huge fight victory at the Roshan pit. After they claimed an aegis the team went high ground, knowing that they had just caused a die-back on Ame’s Phantom Lancer. But the team got too greedy as LGD defended with 4 and without buybacks Liquid were done. The series was now 2-1 to LGD after what could only be seen as a throw from Liquid.


Liquid went into game 4 requiring a victory to keep their hopes alive in the event and they seemed to have great control in the early game, making the better rotations and utilizing a fantastic timing on Axe’s Blink Dagger to secure some great kills. But it was, once again, the Ame show, as he found all the space he required to farm up a beast-level Slark and by the time Liquid had time to react, it was all over.


A special shout-out to Jian Wei ‘xNova’ Yap at the end of the game who had the presence of mind to drop Shadow Shaman Serpent Wards directly onto Ivan Borislavov ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Ivanov, getting the Axe killed a few seconds after he utilized his buyback. It was only a few seconds later that the GG call came out and LGD had the win.


With that PSG.LGD take their first Major victory and the first Major victory for a China team, pushing them up into 4th place in the DPC rankings with 1 Minor and 3 Majors left. LGD played some of the most breathtakingly beautiful Dota 2 at times throughout the entirety of EPICENTER XL and deserved the title, with Ame definitely getting my vote as Player of the series with some absolutely amazing plays throughout the 4 matches. But the entire team performed brilliantly and pushed through some minor errors to come out ahead.

PSG.LGD Epicenter victory

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