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We were fortunate to catch with the StarLadder ImbaT Dota Minor Champion Zhang “Paparazi” Chegjun. He and his Vici Gaming were the uncontested force through the entire event. The only game dropped by the Chinese team in the whole tournament was during the group stage, where Gambit Esports managed to force them to a game three. The finals were a VG vs Gambit rematch and despite’s Gambit’s desire for revenge, Vici Gaming went on a full beast mode and claimed the title with a  clean 3-0 victory.

Our interview with Paparazi went more like a fast and short round of a Q&A where the fresh champion had straight to the point answers:


Congrats on the victory, did you expect the finals to be so one sided?

To be honest, no. We thought Gambit were the team to beat at this event.They finished second at the previous Minor and were second at the recent ESL One event, so we kind of expected them to be the number one team here.

Given the recent small shuffle you tried during the Minor qualifiers, did you come here with the eyes on the trophy or just to do a final test of the line-up and decide if you should indeed make a roster change or not?

Our goal was to win this and go to the DreamLeague Major.

So, is Fade back on the team for good, or should we expect DDC to replace him ?

I can’t comment on the Fade situation

Understood. One last question on this topic though. Is Yang now doing the in-game calls ? Did the MDL experience changed something inside the team?

No, not really. Nothing really changed about our communication or the in-game leadership.

Now that you qualified for the Stockholm Major, what is the goal for that one?

I think a realistic goal for us is top 6.

Who would you say it’s the strongest team right now, perhaps the team that has the biggest chance to win the upcoming Major?

Team Secret without a doubt.

We will have four Chinese teams at the Major in Sweden. EHOME, PSG. LGD Gaming, Keen Gaming and Vici Gaming, of course, which one do you think will perform the best in Sweden?


Even if they come without Maybe?

Yeah, even without Maybe, they are still super good.

Alright, thanks for talking to us, again congrats on the Minor trophy from today, and best of luck in Sweden.

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