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 The International 10 may not be happening this year, but that has not stopped the amazing Dota 2 community from pushing the prize pool to unprecedented heights as it has now peaked over $39,000,000.

We have already learned from Valve themselves that TI10 will not be taking place this year, but next year we will have the tenth iteration of the prestigious event which will now feature at least $39,000,000 as a prize pool. A short time ago, Valve also confirmed that the current Battle Pass would be extended, which has afforded for the massive prize pool growth and current position. Having toppled over last year’s amazing prize pool long before the extension was confirmed, the TI10 Battle Pass has now been up for at least two weeks longer than any previous BP and still has another 10 days to go.

image: Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker

As there are now around 10 days left on the BP, this would mean that there is a decent chance that we could see the prize pool reach that amazing milestone of FORTY MILLION DOLLARS. However, at the time of writing, the prize pool sits at $39,009,535 and, that in itself, is absolutely amazing.

One last thing remains to remind everyone is that there are only 10 days left on the Battle Pass and thus, if there are any items you are trying to obtain, or maybe just the last few levels to obtain your Windranger Arcana, now is the time to act. On the topic of Arcana’s, once the BP does come to an end, we will also learn of whether Spectre or Faceless Void were the victor in The International 10 Arcana Vote.

We now just await to see if the community can push the prize pool the extra mile and reach that superb $40,000,000 prize pool in just 10 days.

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