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There’s always the regional pride in the six regions of Dota 2 and the classic debate of how much better the Europe region is than North America has been reignited by OG’s Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein, in a tweet he put out on the first day of 2021. And it wasn’t even a easy let down; N0tail downright annihilated the NA region and it’s reputation.

Now, this issue isn’t a new one. The most prominent debate – or rather feud – about the two regions was between another one of OG’s members, Sebastian ‘Ceb’ Debs, and Peter ‘ppd’ Dager back in 2016. Ceb was not happy that the competetion wasn’t the same level in TI qualifiers in the two regions, and ppd invited him to try his luck in NA.

Doesn’t seem Ceb really forgot about ppd’s retort, as you can probably gauge from his reply on N0tail’s tweet.

This year’s DPC system will be a bit different, with each region having a league that lasts for six weeks. The league will culminate in a DPC Major, and there will be two such seasons. EU has 4 slots for the Major, while NA has just two, which says a lot about how the difference in the two regions is perceived by Valve. Will NA be able to stand up to N0tail’s claim by outperforming EU teams? We will find out at the end of March, when the first DPC Major will commence.

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