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The back to back The International champions took under their umbrella a group of promising players with the intent to provide them with the tools and the logistics to help them develop into a tier one team.

OG.Seed was announced in November 2019, when little the world knew what the future had in store for all of us. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted esports as hard as any other industry. Besides the cancelations of all LAN tournaments, the suspension of the entire Dota Pro Circuit and the switch to online regional competitions, the impossibility for most of the teams to keep the practice regime in a bootcamp setup changed the entire competitive environment.

Although it was clear right from the beginning that OG.Seed would not be able to compete along with OG for a spot at The International 10, the organization wanted to keep them under their banner for as long as possible until the Seeds would be able to sprout and bloom on their own.

While Valve allows the organizations to compete with more than a team in any of the Minor or Major tournaments, except for The International, most of the third party organizers are invoking the conflict of interests and rule out the possibility of a multi team ownership. And as the current competitive landscape is populated exclusively by third party online regional events, OG and OG.Seed have mutually decided to split ways in order for both squads to be able to compete.

“We worked with other teams and Tournament Organizers to try to find a solution, but despite our efforts, we realized that it was still probably a little too soon to try to properly implement multi-team ownership.

When we learned that OG Seed would not be able to compete in the same tournaments as OG, we sat down with them and mutually decided that we would give OG Seed a 30-days notice before releasing them (1st July 2020), and use this month to help them find a great new home,” state OG in their official farewell announcement and gave shoutout to each member of OG.Seeed:

“Thank you, Madara, for your insane Wraith King builds defying death itself and carrying us through tough games.

Thank you, Chessie, for how you warned us about the distortions that you’ve noticed in the void and for your crazy Aether Remnant plays.

Thank you, Xibbe, for keeping both your teammates and the audience hydrated with your Cinder Brew rounds.

Thank you Zfreek, for blessing us with your Divine Favors anytime we needed a hand.

Thank you Peksu, for being such a great captain, and for bringing your own Chilling Touch to this whole project.

And last but not least, thank you Bonkers, the team’s manager, for being a wonderful guy to work with.”

OG.Seed’s captain, Petu “Peksu” Vaatainen has also shared his thoughts on the decisions and emphasized on the idea that both squads part ways in a good relationship.

“The whole team would like to openly thank everyone from OG who has been working with us. Nobody leaves this partnership with any resentment etc. Everyone involved from OG has gone above and beyond what we were hoping for when we started this team. We don’t want anyone to think we’re not grateful for our time and we want everyone to know how much we appreciate what the OG organisation has done for us.,” Peksu wrote.

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