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Three months into his stint with OG, the young CIS carry who was took on loan from ESPADA, Igor “iLTW” Filatov is ending his adventure with the TI8 Champions.

“The DPC season puts a team on a timer and we unfortunately had to come to the decision to part ways with him [iLTW]], as we are still not meeting the results we aim at,” said OG on Tuesday, March 12 in an announcement made on their Facebook page.

OG took an extensive break after TI and skipped the first Major/Minor qualifiers set. They came back around the Chongqing Major qualifiers, but without their carry, Anathan “ana” Pham, who was moved to an inactive role in the organization. It was said at that time that he needed more time before rejoining the competitive aspect of his career. OG even attended the TI8 True Sight premiere in Copenhagen without the TI star carry. However, it was never a matter of them kicking Ana from the roster, but more of Ana needing extra time to sort out personal stuff. While Ana couldn’t join the team right away, OG remembered one particular young carry who stood out in the pre-TI8 qualifiers in the TI8 qualifiers. iLTW and his ESPADA were back then responsible for Na’Vi’s elimination from the CIS qualifiers for the most important tournament of the year.

“Igor has been incredibly dedicated and hard-working. I’ve played with and coached many players throughout my career, and his passion for the game and the competition have impressed me quite a bit. I wish him the very best for his future projects.

We tried to give him the best we could offer to a newer addition, and I am quite happy with the road we traveled together, said Sébastien “Ceb” Debs today when OG announced the ending of their time with iLTW.

While the in-game communication with iLTW wasn’t a big problem, and while all these past few months he’s been “an amazing player to work with and his potential is obvious” the time with him wasn’t exactly as successful as OG needed. The team is still sitting outside of top 12 in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings and there are just two more Majors and Minors before TI9.

Rumors of Ana coming back to OG started to be tossed around a few days before the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor. With OG in Kiev and Ana in China, competing with an Australian National team at WESG, Ceb has somewhat confirmed the rumors in an interview with saying “of course, Ana will return to OG. He did not finish his career, but only took a break.”

However, no details were given from OG’s side or any other player. In their announcement from today, OG state that iLTW’s replacement will be announced “in the following days.”

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