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Everything is happening fast in the TI9 group stages! We’ve had a lot of position 3 Ogre, Elder Titan is making a comeback as a position 5, Gyro is being played mid but the story of the day is OG playing Io as the position 1 carry! Yes, you read that right. Not only did OG’s carry, Anathan ‘ana’ Pham play a position 1 Io, OG won both games against NiP with it!

There are innumerable possibilities in Dota 2 and this OG team is definitely one of the best at finding new ones. The trick is to get an Aghanim’s Scepter on Io, which gives the Wisp passive Spirits which spawn every second, and pair that with the level 15 talent of +75 Spirits hero damage. The result is an insane amount of hero damage! It is highly unlikely that any of the teams at TI9 might have prepared for something like that, and it definitely showed when NiP couldn’t find any answers against OG’s Io.

OG vs NiP game 1

In both games, OG trailed by 6k to 7k until a point. But once Io got his Scepter and the level 15 talent, the tides started to change. In game 1, with the level 25 attack tethered ally target and tethering to Topson’s Windranger, Io and Windy were taking down tier 4 towers through backdoor protection! To pull this off at The International and against a very good team at that, you have to hand it to OG, only they have the guts to do something this crazy.

In other news, Na’Vi took down Virtus Pro 2-0 in the battle of the CIS teams. Game 1 was a comfortable win for Na’Vi. Game 2 nearly reached the hour mark and Na’Vi managed to close that one out in 55 minutes. Virtus Pro now have a record of 3-5, and it seems like the Polar Bears, who usually choke on the TI mainstage, have started their choking a bit earlier this year.

Lastly, after three straight 2-0 wins, Vici Gaming finally dropped a game against the unlikeliest of opponents – Infamous. But Vici Gaming brushed off the loss and won the second game comfortably.

There is no telling what can happen in these group stages. Unexpected results are popping up all over the place; except Team Secret – they are still undefeated! But with the way things are going, there is surely some team that will defeat Team Secret in the games to come…

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