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Second day at OGA Dota PIT started with two amazing series counting for a top three finish. First to enter the battle were Natus Vincere and Alliance, who engaged into an el clasico of the modern days.

Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov on Phantom Assassin was absolutely unstoppable in the first game of the series to start the day with a quick victory for Alliance. However, NAVI stole the hero with their first pick of the second draft and crushed with it as well, evening out the battle. The last game of the match-up brought a battle between Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey’s signature Lifestealer and Nikobaby’s Spectre, with both teams looking to fight with beefy cores in the frontline and heavy magic damage from the backlines. NAVI’s line-up with Zeus and Slardar proved to be net superior and was able to cut through all Alliance’s high armor heroes to secure a spot into the upper bracket finals.

Moving into the next series, OG brought complete madness in their battle with the old friends from Nigma. While the series started relatively normal, with Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen on a mid lane Gyrocopter, the whole match-up turned into a weird Ethereal Blade challenge set by Topson for himself.

In a very similar fashion with his run at Epic League, Topson, who was denied the option of playing Morphling through the entire series, built Ethereal Blade on each and every hero he got to play in today’s series, and while Gyro – eblade or Puck – eblade is something he has brought to official games before, the third game of the night was the cherry on top, with a mid lane Oracle rushing Ethereal Blade.

Luckily, the new patch is just around the corner so the pub games should be safe, but for Nigma, the last day on the 7.28 was a complete nightmare. They ran a Phantom Assassin-Death Prophet line-up with plenty of team fight tools and good objective taking potential and around the 25 minute they were sitting on an 11K lead after they took a full lane of barracks from OG. However, a Roshan contest from OG spun the game on its head and forced Nigma to an intense back and forth battle that ended with Phantom Assassin losing two Divine Rapiers and with OG advancing into the upper bracket finals.

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