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Beyond the Summit and OGA Dota PIT, the hosts of the North and South America Dota Pro Circuit Regional Leagues respectively, have confirmed the casters which will be taking us through the English stream.

On Monday, January 18th, the first season of the DPC League is set to kick off in both North and South America. While Monday sees the lower division beginning, the upper division soon follows in the coming days and run all the way through to the end of February. With the schedule for the first four weeks of the League season confirmed, we can expect to see some epic Dota 2 action from both regions and both divisions as teams push themselves and their opponents to the limit in an attempt to reach the top. With that in mind, BtS and OGA have confirmed the English talent which will take us through the action:

North America

  • Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten
  • Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins
  • Gabriel “Lyrical” Cruz
  • Trent “Trent” MacKenzie
  • Mike “MLPDotA” Le Phoenix
  • John “johnxfire” Nathan Fernandez
  • Ricky “rkryptic” Peterson
  • Brynden “Neph” Barbour
  • Dakota “Dakota” Cox
  • David “Godz” Parker
  • Justin “Pythican” Glasner (Observer)

South America

  • Andrew “Zyori” Campbell
  • Trent “Trent” MacKenzie
  • Gareth “Gareth” Bateson
  • Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanthapillai
  • Gustavo “D2BOWIE” Mattos

It will be great to see the return of some amazing casters and commentators mixed in with a few newer names who have been skirting around the edges of the Dota 2 casting world for some time. Although the casting for NA and SA may run differently to other regions, with no host role, it is still sure to be as fantastic as the Dota 2 which they guide us through. You can catch all the action on Twitch via the respective organization’s pages on Monday as the DPC League season 1 prepares for kick off.

headline photo courtesy of Beyond the Summit

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