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BEYONDEPIC EU and CIS would see some fantastic series on its second day of action including another chance for Team Nigma to beat their rivals in OG and a chance for Team Empire to continue causing upsets.

After their shock defeat of Alliance yesterday, Team Empire looked to continue to stun their opponents as they went up against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the day’s first series. Unfortunately for Empire, NiP were on a complete other level to them – destroying the CIS squad in a brutal 23-minute game one before another slaughter in a longer second game.

Next up on the menu was a huge battle between Nigma and OG, a series that Nigma could never quite find a way to overcome ever since The International 2019. With OG beating them just a few days ago, it was up to Nigma to take down the blockade in front of them – and game one was just that. Nigma managed to destroy OG in 26-minutes, securing 44 kills in that time while OG only managed a total of eight. But that is where their luck ended, as OG were not about to let the series slip away.

With the IO being picked up in all three games by OG, they quickly tied the series and proceed to even take down the special Omar ‘w33’ Aliwi Meepo in game three to secure a 2-1 series victory.

Closing out the day we would see Alliance taking on Liquid, with Alliance looking to make up some ground from their dismal performance yesterday. However, Liquid proved to be the better of the two teams once again as they pummeled their opponents in a quick 2-0 series. The loss puts Alliance at the bottom of Group B, while Liquid move into the top spot, currently unbeaten.

Tomorrow the BEYOND EPIC: CIS/EU event returns with more actions, including a series between Nigma and Unique.

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