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WeSave! Charity Play had reached its final day of Dota 2 action and with that came the grand final between the European and CIS regions – Nigma versus HellRaisers.

Both Nigma and HR had shown some amazing form in this fantastic online event right from the start – with both teams having only dropped a single game each as they bludgeoned their way to the top of their own regions. With one of the stretch goals being met, the two would get another chance to show off their skills in a best-of-five grand final against one another as the WeSave! Charity Play event reached its final day.

For the first game of the series, both teams put on a brilliant show of skill with things going back-and-forth for nearly 50-minutes. It was HellRaisers who seemed to be set to take the game at multiple points through the chaos, but even with a substantial deficit, Nigma were able to hold out thanks to a triple-Supernova from Maroun ‘gh’ Merhej’s Phoenix. However, HR were about to show their strength in the following game as they obliterated the Nigma lineup, with Alexander ‘Nix’ Levin racking up an impressive 20-kills on his Riki without a death.

While early aggression from Nigma proved to catch HR completely off guard as the series continued, the CIS squad were more than worthy to the challenge. As the game progressed, they worked their way into a huge net worth lead and constantly used an amazing Mars, Shadow Shaman, Monkey King and Queen of Pain combination to tear through Nigma.

With their backs against the wall and the series getting away from them, Nigma went for their hail-Mary play – the Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar Meepo. It took only 20-minutes for the team to end the game as they left the series to a final and decisive game five. In the early periods of the final game, HR were in complete control, running rings around their opponents – but the experience of Nigma begun to shine through as they split the map perfectly.

Even though HR threw everything they could at Nigma, it was just not enough as the seasoned veterans were able to survive the early aggression and come out on top, winning the EU versus CIS grand finals for WeSave! Charity Play.

There remains one game to be played at the WeSave! Charity Play event with the North American 3v3 matchup closing out this amazing online tournament. Even with this ending, WePlay! have confirmed that they will bring us another online event in late April 2020, with ESL One giving us more Dota 2 action beginning this weekend too.

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