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It has been some time since Newbee has been a feared name on the Dota 2 scene with countless poor performances in recent times. Now it seems as though things have become worse as sources for VPGame have indicated a disband for the squad.

Following their roster reformation on the back of acquiring Forward Gaming at The International 2019, Newbee were looking to make a return to the top flight of both Chinese and international Dota 2. However, even after coming close to qualification for the Majors, Newbee still faltered and nothing much has been seen from them – with even local tournaments not going their way. While playing in the China Dota 2 Pro League in recent times, Newbee also opted to use Xu ‘Moogy’ Han as a standin: a player that has been inactive on the roster since June last year. With all these poor results and possible internal roster issues too, it seems as though things have run their course for Newbee.

image: VPGame

An anonymous source contacted VPGame and informed them of the above which states in essence that “Fonte, aq, Awen, Waixi, faith, jiajia, Catyou and Protoss are available for transfer”. From this, it seems that the Chinese roster will be disbanding but it is unclear whether they will try to rebuild or if we will not see Newbee around for some time in the Dota 2 scene. None of the above transfer or disband news has been confirmed from the organisation as yet and remains as an unconfirmed rumour for now, however, considering the extremely poor performances from the team in recent times, it could only be a few days before we receive confirmation.

As an organisation, Newbee are possibly one of the most decorated in China with a victory at TI4, second place at TI7 and some of the most well-known players coming through their ranks too. If this information is correct, we can only hope that the roster rebuilds and the players leaving find new homes at teams which can prosper in the current competitive Dota 2 climate.

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